An Exclusive App for Bloggers on WordPress

This app aims to improve the user experience for bloggers of WordPress via mobile platform, it is easy to operate, clear, simple and enables them to better connect with their friends. The icon of WordPress App is displayed in the following picture, which is modernized and attracting.

Basically there are two ways that a blogger would use the app–open by themselves or get notification from the system. Since the concept of “connecting to friends”  is emphasized here, when the bloggers open the app by themselves, they would see a list of their subscriptions, with the profile picture of that friend, his/her blog, and recent posts, users can either click on the link to view the full article, or click on the “Go” bottom designed at the very end to go to the blog and view these posts in more detail.

When users set to get notification when a particular blogger post something new via the function settings of the app, they would get a notification which indicates which blog has been updated. If they press the “Go” button, they would be directly lead to the new blog post. What to address here is that in order not to be disturbing, users can personalize  the notifications anytime, choose which ones are those that they would like to be updated with.

The layout of the new app is  clear, simple and functional which enables the users to easily view the blog posts. Above is the links that would lead the user to dashboard/account/settings, then there is the search box and the blog title. A simplicity vision of the blog posts are used, this way user can easily find what they want to view in detail. At the very bottom are the tags of the posts which would also help with the browse of the blog.

When users enter a particular blog post, the layout would change a bit and  display the full article which allows the blogger to view pictures and videos in the blog posts.

In order to provide integrated and superior user experience, the app would also allow the viewers to watch the video via their mobile devices.  And when they finish visit a post, they can choose to like it,  live a comment or share it with friends. 

The WordPress App is designed to be clear, simple yet vivid, and easy to operate. What the user would get from  this app is integrated user experience, updated news of whatever they are subscribed to and a sense of belonging with their friends.


A new way to Connect

My most used mobile app is Wechat for iPhone. It is a social platform that allows one to stay in touch with friends and families with multiple ways, such as instant voice message and video call. It is simple,fast, and easy to use. As long as you have WIFI or 4G network signal, you would be able to get to other wechat users anytime, anywhere.

The interface of Wechat is displayed in the following picture—clear, easy to operate. Users can choose to communicate via the basic text message or voice message. When using voice message, Wechat acts like an interphone, users can speak and listen to others simply by clicking/holding the bar. The advantage of using voice message is that it saves time, and makes the conversations alive.


Another feature of Wechat that I find very useful is Group Chat, one could create social groups for close friends/families. Using this function enables me to stay close with my social groups and keep updated about what’s going on in their lives for it’s so easy to share message, pictures, even videos among us.

The latest version of Wechat enables users to perform Video Chat, it functions like facetime and makes communications even more alive and convenient.


Other appealing features of Wechat include “shake” feature, which one could use to exchange informtion with neaby friends; “look around” feature, which enables users to see if anyone nearby is also on the app.

Wechat is a perfect communication tool for one to stay in touch with close friends and families, and, all that is for FREE!