New Trend for Shopping on Black Friday

According to comScore (Online behavior measurement), this Thanksgiving, Black Friday online sales topped $1 billion for the first time. Among which was the most-visited retail website, followed by Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target and Apple.

This means that instead of rushing into the store and fighting for the deep discounted goods, more people choose to wear their pajamas and shop comfortably with few clicks online. It is important for companies to follow up with this trend and provide convenient  ways for consumers to shop via internet and mobile platforms. During this Thanksgiving, I notice a few companies that are doing particularly well in this case.

1. L’OCCITANE–Reservation:  

What L’OCCITANE did was sending out emails to customers list, I assume that they are sending to all customers that have  purchased their products online before. Then it provided this “opportunity” for customers to reserve first for their Black Friday deals. The benefit of doing so is that customers not only get a preview of what L’OCCITANE is offering, but also feel valued because they get this “exclusive” email and have the right to shop several hours before regular users of L’OCCITANE’s website for their limited quantities of special goods.

2. Zara: Utilizing both website and mobile platform:

Zara, provided a special section on their website and mobile platform for the consumers to have a preview of what the discounted goods are, this is efficient because statistics has shown that mobile devices had generated 26% of the traffic to the retail websites last Friday. The tricky part is that you don’t get to see the final sale price until midnight, it only sales up to 50% off. Me personally would put the ones that I like in the shopping cart first and wonder what’s the final price, so I would definitely check back after midnight. I think that is the case of most female consumers. Plus there is free shipping and return which further motivate consumers to buy.

3. Combine online deals with social platforms:

There is this commercial blogger  on Sina Micro-blog(Chinese social platform functions like tweeter, and allows the users to upload pictures and videos), which targets at Chinese community in the U.S., mostly students  and white-color workers, now has 679,420 followers worldwide. It consistently post about the deals of almost every kind of consumer goods.  What I feel the companies could do in further promotions is corporate with this kind of blogger and directly speak to the ideal consumers, because the followers are expecting to see deals posted by that particular blogger, which is very likely to result in very high response and conversion rate.

To sum up, how to utilizing this trend and combine multiple ways to promote the products is what the corporations should concentrate on for the future.


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