UX optimization for Jurlique.com

We all know how UX could impact the perception of a brand to customers, a bad UX associates with the brand’s website/app would directly impact its brand image, which is exactly what occurred to me  this Saturday when I was trying to place an order on Jurlique.com and became so disappointed to decide that I would not purchase their products online anymore even though Jurlique is one of my favorite skin care brands.

Jurlique is a beauty brand which aims to provide customers with products that combine nature with aesthetically pleasing. I have always be a fan of their brand because of the whole package of the brand image, which is authentic and beautiful, that is until I use their website to make a purchase.

The website design of Jurlique is fine, providing users with constant perception of the brand. The products were categorized by function and scents which is very easy for users to find products that they intend to purchase.

However, the worst part happens in the shopping cart, which is the most important part for customers to make a purchase.

First is its poor inventory monitoring, the shopping cart wouldn’t be able to tell you that something is out of stock until you click the “make the purchase” bottom and expect the website to proceed to the next step. Then you have to delete it from the cart manually and start all over again, without knowing whether the next product you put into the cart is available or not. Chances are they are not, then you have to do it again. Not everyone would be that patient to continue, but if you are a loyal customer, it’s a different story, but that is only for you to have even worse experience.

This Saturday, I was trying to place an order, and it was the worst UX I have experienced for online shopping. The website wouldn’t proceed my payment and I have to call the customer service every time I tried to order. What worst is that basically you need to make even 10 more calls to be serviced once due to the lack of operates. For just one order, I tried to make the payment for nearly 10 times and call the customer service for up to 20 times! Then I ended up with 5 pending on my bank account, spent more than one hour to make it clear by calling the customer service which 90 percent of time is unavailable.

The reason is that all the functions of customer service were served by only one telephone line. There is no online operators to offer customer help immediately as most of the other shopping website do.

Even I am a loyal customer who really like Jurlique’s products, I wouldn’t make a purchase through their website again with such terrible user experience.  Here is what I feel what they can improve for their website:

1. Improve on inventory control, let the website showing real-time storage so that customers don’t have to waste time anymore trying to figure which one is available.

2. Offer different email address and different 800 numbers refer to different customer needs and increase the number of operators so customers would be better served when they have any problem regards to their purchases.

3. Add online supporters to solve the problems of customers immediately.

Another thing Jurlique can do is find out what its competitors have been doing on their websites so they know what customer expect when they make such purchase online. And then try to meet and exceed those standards  to provide superior UX in the industry and enhance its brand perception.


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