Donate for Hurricane Sandy

While the city recover from the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, we should not forget that there is a lot of people who lost their homes, even their beloved ones due to this tremendous disaster. A way to help now is donate through American Red Cross, according to which, during Tuesday night, had helped more than 9,000 people to stay in 171 Red Cross shelters across 13 states, and served more than 100,800 meals and snacks have been served. Here is a link to the special section of Hurricane Sandy. 

Here is a screen shot of their their website specifically designed for the donation to hurricane Sandy.

From my prospective, it is clear and simple, and  the picture/story of the victims  is engaging and motivates us to donate. On the right corner, there are the social media platforms that allow the viewers to share the page. For me, what I think can be further done by American Red Across is an email campaign  aims to generate more donation for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The email campaign could be exactly alike this website page, however, with more pictures and less words since people who open them might not have that much time to go through lots of words.  Here are some of the examples that might be used in the email:

Also, we need to make people aware that blood  is also needed in the email and encourage them to make appointment to donate.

Instead of offering the volunteers T-Shirts with red cross, this time we could do something digital and different. The people who make a donation would be added to a virtual  picture wall that created on the Facebook page, and later would be made a postcard and sent to them.

 Together we can help these people in need!


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