“I don’t wanna grow up”

“I don’t wanna grow up” is a campaign designed for “Toys R Us” targeted at people who was born at the 80s‘, aims to bring back their beautiful memory with “Toys R Us” in their childhood to create the unique bond with them. Also, the campaign would be expected to create buzz through social websites among various group of people thus further enhance the brand image.

At the time of the campaign, there will be videos of the 80’s commercial playing in the stores as well as shared through social websites. People who share the videos would be invited with a virtual ticket to visit the exhibition of the “Toys in the 80’s” that are hold in various stores, the first experimental store could be the one in times square where there are a lot of tourist  and is the center of Manhatten so that we are more likely to create a buzz.

The toy exhibition would include vintage dolls, game and puzzles, video games, and toys from other categories that were once popular among the 80’s children. This helps bring back their beautiful memories, and create an emotional bond between them and Toys R Us(they might already have their own kids by now), so that when they want to purchase a toy for anyone they would immediately think of Toys R us.

The influence of this campaign would also be featured online through Facebook page and twitter links, so that the influence would be more wide spread among our target audience.

Another activity that will be hold simultaneously in the store is based on an innovative and fun idea of transforming the shadow of one’s gesture on the screen to a monster/animal based on the shape of it, and it comes with the authentic sounds of that particular monster/animal.  Anyone could participate in this activity since the technology would recognize the gestures and create the shape and sounds of the monster/animal automatically on the screen.

Also, besides this interactive “Gesture Fun” for anyone who visits the store, there could even be shows performed by professional gesture artists in store. The following picture displays how the performance can be displayed on the digital screen of Toys R Us. Not only will it generate more traffic into the store, but also engage people to talk about what has been going on lately with Toys R Us’s new campaign.

I believe there is a part of everyone that is still a child, and never want to grow up.  =)


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