Advanced App for Whole Foods Market

What is available for the Whole Foods Market fans nowadays is an app that would work on any iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, which aims to provide the customers with recipes with natural and organic foods that include everything from dinner entrees to breakfast and beverages. What we would do is take a step further to modify some of its functions so that the app would be more user-friendly thus attracting more subscribers.

When the customers want to find a recipe, there are basically three ways using the app now, which is filter by categories–for whom you are cooking for, target special diets–function of the diet that you pursue, and reversed search meaning search by the  ingredients you already have.  (Search by target special diets is displayed in the following picture).

Then after you select what recipe you like, the app would allow you to add the ingredients in the shopping list, and use the store locator to find out the nearest store to you.

What we feel that Whole Foods Market could take a step further is cooperate with Nike fuel band, because these two brands have the same target audience–people who cares about physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. What we could improve on this app is that when the fuel band user updates his/her daily calories burned based on the information generated by the fuel band, the Whole Foods Market app, based on the users’ personal information that they would be required to enter at the very beginning, would give suggestion of the recipes that the user could have to stay fit and enjoy a good meal.

This is how the information could be gathered:

The fuel band keeps track of the exercise information as displayed by the picture, when the special edition comes out, there would be a link in this app to directly connect the user to the Whole Foods Market app. The new modified version of Whole Foods Market app would just add three simple steps to provide a much better integrated user experience!

1. When the fuel band user first enter the app, they would be required to fill in their personal information, including their gender, age group, weight, height, and food preference(high fiber/ low fat/vegan…)

2. The exercise information would be transit into the Whole Foods Market app, and based on the recommendation system, the app would pick the top ones that the user might like in as much as variety as possible.

3. The recipes would pump up, and act like the current version of the Whole Foods Market app, which enables the user to make a shopping list based on it.

After consumers select the recipe they like, they would be lead to the shopping cart directly and add those items to their lists. This new app aims to create a close bond between Whole Foods Market and its users, and expand the customer base  by targeting the Nike Fuel users.


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